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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

{Baker and Brooks}

How do I keep getting to shoot these amazing blue eyed boys? I swear there is not a prerequisite that your children must have blue eyes in order for me to photograph them. I will tell you that Baker and Brooks have about the most amazing eyes I have ever seen.

I know that no one will believe me, but I have not altered the color of their eyes in these pictures ~ they are just that incredible in real life. Here's the scoop... I am a big believer in hand-editing my photographs. What does that mean, you ask?? Well, after I shoot, I usually pop the color, smooth the skin a little and sharpen the eyes. These are all subtle re-touches that just make the pictures look their best. I don't alter the color of the eyes or skin, I swear these baby blues are the real thing!!

See for yourself... meet Brooks.

And Baker...

Now hug boys...
Not too tight...
These boys are gonna break some hearts, no doubt about it.

They like each other... but just a little bit.

Brooks and Baker's Mama is pregnant with number three, maybe she'll have a blue-eyed baby girl for me to photograph next time?!?

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