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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

*pumpkin party*

My friend Jill hosted a pumpkin carving party in honor of Halloween and I was glad to capture all the little "pumpkins" in action.

The pumpkins arrived all decked out...

This little pumpkin wasn't too interested in having her picture made... I got a few shots and then she let me know she was done!! See? She's DONE.
This precious pumpkin belongs to the hostess with the mostess... "Mrs. Jill"!
This one too...
This pumpkin gets extra points for the adorable decorations up top... oooh I wish I had a little girl to put hairbows on! This little pumpkin was having a swinging good time! This little pumpkin was quick, I had to snap a shot before he got away! This little pumpkin just got a new little brother pumpkin in his patch!!Pumpkin Palmer looks innocent, but don't let her fool you! My little pumpkin was grossed out by the real pumpkin guts!! What fun we had at the pumpkin party, we are already planning our jack-o-lantern carving design for next year's bash!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

{and baby makes 3}

Guess what Brooke and Adam are having??? That's right, a precious little boy!

I was so excited to do some belly pictures for Brooke. She was such a good sport to bare her belly on one of Tallahassee's coldest nights.
What a beautiful Mommy-to-be!
Ok, I got this idea from another photographer, but I LOVE it!! Meet baby Jack...
I can't wait to meet him in person!!

jesus loves her.

Little Miss Sutton has been one of my most favorite subjects since the day she was born, so you know I was thrilled when I was invited to photograph her baptism. The event took place at Trinity United Methodist, where her Mommy and Daddy were married, and which I think is the most beautiful church in Tallahassee. The service was very touching and Sutton was smiling the entire time, what an angel!

Church bulletin that morning...
Notice her dainty little cross and the beautiful vintage dress that was worn by both her Mommy and her Aunt Erin at their baptisms.

They played the bells that morning and she was mesmerized.
She was so comfortable in the Pastor's arms.
Trinity does the most amazing thing at baptisms, the Pastor walked Sutton up and down the aisle while the congregation sang, Jesus Loves Me. The tears in my eyes made it hard to take pictures...

Hey Mrs. Linley...
Proud parents.
Look at that smile!!

Couldn't you just eat her up??

Silly girl.
Wardrobe change for her celebration lunch. Her Mommy made her precious little fall dress, so cute!!
The best part of my job is experiencing the special events in my clients lives. Sutton is much more than a client, she is like family, and it was such an honor to witness her introduction to faith. Praise God for little girls!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

{Baker and Brooks}

How do I keep getting to shoot these amazing blue eyed boys? I swear there is not a prerequisite that your children must have blue eyes in order for me to photograph them. I will tell you that Baker and Brooks have about the most amazing eyes I have ever seen.

I know that no one will believe me, but I have not altered the color of their eyes in these pictures ~ they are just that incredible in real life. Here's the scoop... I am a big believer in hand-editing my photographs. What does that mean, you ask?? Well, after I shoot, I usually pop the color, smooth the skin a little and sharpen the eyes. These are all subtle re-touches that just make the pictures look their best. I don't alter the color of the eyes or skin, I swear these baby blues are the real thing!!

See for yourself... meet Brooks.

And Baker...

Now hug boys...
Not too tight...
These boys are gonna break some hearts, no doubt about it.

They like each other... but just a little bit.

Brooks and Baker's Mama is pregnant with number three, maybe she'll have a blue-eyed baby girl for me to photograph next time?!?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

B is for boys, bikes and bears.

This shoot was officially one of my favorites of all time. Seriously, so cute it hurts!!

The Greene boys are so precious and their Mom really listened when I told her that I like to shoot with props. We started off with an heirloom tricycle and some Ed Hardy-esque outifts for the boys.

I think this first picture might be my favorite of the day... that's not true, they were all so good, I just can't pick favorties!!

Baby Jack with big bro Logan in the background.
Sweet Jack looking at Mommy... (there are 3 because I couldn't pick a favorite again.)

Now he sees Daddy...
Yay! Looking at me!!
Oh, those eyes are killer!!

Wait for me Logan!!
Big boy Logan just turned 2!!
So sweet!!

I LOVE this one.

Time for a wardrobe change silly boy...
Hats are another fav!
So stinkin' cute!
Who could say no to this face???
More great props... antique rocking chair and baby bear.

All snuggled up.
How can you pick just one??
Mama love!
Uh oh, Logan found the pond!
The shirt came off next! :-)
Could you just eat him up??
Maybe I am partial because I have two little boys of my own, but I love these images and the Greene boys!!

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