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Thursday, September 10, 2009


These two melt my heart. Actually, they are my heart.

I just ordered this image in a gallery wrap and I literally wanted to hug it when it came in. This picture is so representative of my boys relationship. Peyton will put up with his little brother's affection, while Palmer loves his brother to pieces.

My prayer is that they will continue to love each other as they grow up and stay best of friends into adulthood. Only time will tell...

Who is Linley?

Linley Paske is a photographer servicing the Triangle area who specializes in natural light portraiture and on-location shoots. Linley's shoots are never the same, no cookie cutter pictures here. Please sit back, relax and explore Linley's blog and website. If you feel that her style is fitting for your lifestyle, then contact her so together you can capture your sweet life.